Justine Leconte is a French fashion & jewelry designer. She was trained as a womenswear and accessories designer at PARSONS The New School for Design in New York, where she developed a special taste for knitwear design and knitted fabrics. In March 2015, she created her own womenswear label in Berlin, Germany. In November 2017, she launched her first jewelry collection.

The brand's consistent focus is on craftsmanship, smart design, warmth and positivity. Everything else changes completely from one collection to the next. In fact, we don't do "collections": we do "projects". Projects are born from a creative idea and a message that needs to be expressed, they aren't linked to the official fashion calendar. This approach gives us the creative freedom to bring out new projects as often as we like, but only when we have something new to say. 

For her clothes, Justine Leconte uses knitted fabrics and jacquards from the best European mills only. Production takes place in Europe as well. This ensures high quality and good working conditions but also shorter lead times: when you love a fabric or a color, why wait one year until it is available on shelf? We design in the season... for this season, not one year ahead. You can buy Justine Leconte summer clothes in summer, not in February. It makes more sense for you as a consumer and it fosters European production! We wouldn't want to compromise on ethics just to get cheaper clothes out in mass.


We currently ship to 56 countries. 
You can order online and get your selection delivered to your door. 
In the shop, you will find the measurement of the models as well as a measurement table, to help you find out which size you need.