Photoshooting diaries: how the lookbook of Project #1 was born...

The making of a lookbook is MUCH more work than one might think. As the person who imagined the clothes, I rather focus on the “big idea”, the feeling, the impression that each picture should give at first sight, on the mood, on the atmosphere - which I did with boards like this one:

Then I needed to decide on the attitude of the girl who would wear those clothes… Should she look feminine, retro, classic, modern? What does modern even mean?
I went through hundreds of catalogues from model agencies without finding a single one who fitted the concept: when telling a story about finding back your self-confidence and being radiant and calm, I couldn’t possibly use an anorexic girl whose knees are the curves most visible on her body and whose look says “I want it so much that I’d do anything”…
By accident and sagacity (the definition of “serendipity”), I found an actress instead of a model. A young lady who shines when she smiles, who stands confidently on her feet without arrogance, with a warm voice and a healthy body. This was Tabitha, the girl you see in the lookbook.

Finding a photographer was easy: I went straight to my friend and talented image-maker Manu Wolf, who has a wide range of photographic skills including (but not limited to) fashion and who understands the idea, the woman & the story.
Julia Ewert, whose career already includes several seasons on the set of the TV show “The Voice of Germany”, took care of hair & make-up. The briefing for her is on Pinterest and her execution was brilliant.  
Till, my dearest and best adviser, helped all the way – thank you.

I had a team, a location and all the clothes. But that wasn’t it. Then the stylist work started: which shoes with which jewelry? When to switch which parts of the outfit in order to minimize changing time? And then the coordinator work: will there be coffee at the location? A steamer to remove unwanted folds from the clothes? At the end, logistics became an entire booklet and I thanked my former career in project management for teaching me how to keep everything together.

On the big day, high on adrenaline and black tea, everything went amazingly well. Everybody was on time, prepared, motivated, focused and excited to be there. We shot 19 looks with 3 full make-up changes within about 6 hours, which is a pretty fast pace for a first timer like me. We also filmed on set the whole day, which resulted in the making-of video visible on my YouTube channel (don’t forget to subscribe!). On that evening, I was I bed at 9pm.

You will find a few impressions from the D-day here below.
Great memories indeed…

- Justine