How-to: laundry care & wash symbols

Since the new collection is out, I am getting many e-mails on clothing care symbols & laundry in general. This post is meant to answer your most frequent questions. It is completed by a video I have done previously on the matter – fibre properties don’t change so the info in the video is still absolutely valid.


1. The colder you wash & the least you spin dry afterwards, the better
For instance your silks, natural fibers in general and also fine jerseys don’t like to be spin-dried, even if the care instructions allow machine-washing on the “delicate/sensitive” mode. More often though, they will require hand-washing & will exclude any machine-cleaning.

2. Bleach should only be used on white garments
Bleach can help get rid of heavy stains or bring an old white garment back to its original shine.
If you bleach any color other than white though, it will come out ruined.
And even if the garment is white, it may not always like bleach, which is a very corrosive product. Check the care instructions beforehand, to make sure that the fabric will survive being bleached.
Do also make sure that your standard home detergent does not contain bleach.

3. Clean the filter of your washing machine regularly
If you notice that your clothes, especially the lighter colors, look “grey-ish” after being washed, it is time to clean or change the filter. Usually it is mounted into the machine: you can pull it out, clean it and put it back in.

4. Avoid tumble drying your clothes
Some fibres should never-ever get tumble-dried: e.g. all kinds of wool. When wool is wet, add heat + mechanical movement and you will get… felt. This means that your nice wool will come out hard as cardboard and 2 sizes smaller. It’s a physical reaction. It will happen. Even if you tumble-dry “just a little bit”.
In general, cotton fabrics allow tumble-drying but they still tend to shrink over time. So I would always let my clothes air-dry if I can.

If you want to learn how to read the care instruction labels & if you are interested in some additional laundry hacks, watch the “laundry guide” video down below.