Swimwear trends 2019: what you will see on the beach this summer

There is a lot happening in the swimwear department: here are 5 trends that you will be seeing on all beaches this Summer. Good news: it's a colorful year! The links under the photos are clickable*.

Swimwear trends 2019 - 80's 90's revival
  1. Girls on swim black and white / 2. Reina olga color block / 3. Onia stripe / 4. Riot swim orange / 5. Solid & striped pink zipper / 6. Ashley Graham x Swimsuits for all

The fact that we are seeing a revival of 80’s & 90’s fashion is no new news. However, the trend has now arrived in the swimwear department too: expect bottoms that are high-waisted and indented, bright neon colors, plastic hardware and powerful one-piece designs. We are in a pop video clip by Madonna or a step dance class (on VHS). Except the black & white design on the left: that’s clearly Flashdance.

Swimwear trends 2019 bandana tops
  1. Seafolly floral / 2. Solid & striped blue / 3. Solid & striped printed / 4. Bond eye floral / 5. Solid & striped green

A bandana top is so much more comfortable than your classical triangle bikini: it’s the kind of swimsuit you can actually move in. The variety of patterns available this year allows you to play your strengths: vertical stripes for a slimming effect, floral motives if you want to attract the attention to your chest, dark pattern like the red/black one if you prefer something more discrete. why not mismatch top and bottom to create a more personal look?

swimwear trends 2019 belted one piece swimsuits.jpg
  1. Mara Hoffman red / 2. Solid & Striped / 3. Robin Piccone yellow / 4. Onia floral / 5. Solid & Striped navy / 6. Seafolly red

One-piece belted swimsuits are absolutely back in trend. If you are apple-shaped, the belt will add definition to your waist, especially if it comes in a contrast color. There are so many options out there that you will find solid as well as patterned designs, with or without boning for support, with either thin or wide straps on the shoulders. Only disadvantage: your belly won’t get a tan, which I personally demand from a swimsuit. But that’s just me.

Swimwear trends 2019 one shoulder swimsuits
  1. Solid & Striped white / 2. Araks pink&red / 3. Stella McCartney pink&coral / 4. Seafolly turquoise blue / 5. Mei L’ange red / 6. Palmacea ruffle one shoulder

Like for evening dresses, when a swimsuit is worn on one shoulder, it usually calls for an asymmetric design, here executed in the form of cut-outs that bare the belly. While it highlights your torso and visually makes you appear slimmer, if you have a fuller chest this might not be your best choice. Unfortunately, this kind of design offers no support at all.

Swimwear trends 2019 sleeved swimsuits
  1. Agent provocateur color block / 2. Robin Piccone red / 3. Lonely label gingham / 4. Lululemon turtleneck / 5. Marysia gingham / 6. Free people floral

Swimsuits with sleeves may not feel intuitive in Western countries, but in Asia it has always been a thing, as protecting your skin from sun damage to keep it light-toned is the highest priority. If you enjoy being active on the beach, like that surfer girl on the photo, you will also love the freedom of movement that a design like this gives you. Goodbye wardrobe malfunctions. In terms of bottoms you have all options, from low cut to more indented.

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Swimwear trends 2019 - Justine Leconte
Swimwear trends 2019 - Justine Leconte