The creation of Project #1

Project #1 is the result of a long process. It started with me switching paths, looking for a solid basis in the mess of a modern life. Looking around, I understood that I am not the only woman feeling pressurized and constrained, pushed forward even when we are tired, expected to perform even when we need a break or screened from head to toe every time we enter a room. 

I (we) need some space. I (we) sometimes need support instead of challenges. What about starting with clothes that help you, not clothes that constrain you and work against you? Those thoughts brought me to fashion design and especially knitwear. I felt I could contribute and help other women feel better by giving them the clothes they needed. 

All the pieces in this project are in knitted fabrics, soft on the skin. No hardware (no zippers, no buttons). Only fabric.
These clothes warp, twist and get tied around you, to support you and to protect you. 
Even the inside seams are protected - a stretch organza reinforces them and only you know about it. It is like wearing your best underwear: it gives you confidence even when no one else can see it. 
The fabrics I picked feel good on the skin - for example Tencel, modal or cotton mixes. 
The colors are warm and elegant, not flashy, so you look great without having to scream for attention. 
The fit of these clothes is comfortable and practical - for example the wrap skirts cover both thighs, so that you can seat normally. The sweaters are lose-fitted at the waist, so that you can relax - nobody will see your love handles. The T-Shirt and the top are long enough so you can tuck them into your pants and sit down without having to hold your pants up. The long sweater has extra-long sleeves because I love to pull my sleeves down. Do you?

All the pieces can be combined with each other. Or with anything else already in your wardrobe. 

Last but not least, this project has been entirely produced in Europe. For ethical reasons: we don't like the idea of underpaid workers in the Far East. And for quality reasons: Europe has the best skills when it comes to fashion. it also has amazing jacquards, which I broadly used in this project, because they say "craftmanship". It feels good to wear unique fabrics, made by great crafstpeople, instead of the cheaper fabrics used by most mass market brands. 

I hope you will like Project #1 and that you will be proud to wear these clothes as much as I am proud to present the results of several months of creation. What if I hadn't found the right fabrics? The right colors? The right organza? The process of a collection is full of fears, as I learnt. Yet I can't wait for the next one...