Fashion trends Spring / Summer 2019

This year, across all big fashion cities, fashion seems more wearable than usual. Is it a consequence of the pressure of streetwear influences against traditional high-fashion? Is it due to increased competition from the low-price industry, with which established brands are trying to keep up? Some major international brands have presented a sort of mix of everything-and-its-opposite, just like some trend agencies tend to publish more & more trend reports per season…
The labels that really stand out this season, in my opinion, are not so connected to “what is the trend right now”. They rather follow a clear vision & a cohesive concept that is rather timeless.
Here are some trends I noticed.

1.       YELLOW

Trend boards S-S2019 low res-01.jpg

Yellow is usually not part of a regular wardrobe, as it is quite bold & demands attention. But it is also an optimistic and dynamic accent color which adds a youthful touch to an outfit. If you don’t want to try an all-yellow outfit, think of accessories: shoes, purse, scarf (…).


Trend boards S-S2019 low res-02.jpg

Track suits and blue overalls are being turned into ready-to-wear. It’s interesting to see how the thick woven cotton is replaced by fine silk, that recognizable blue tone is traded for white or black and the overall cut is shortened or tailored. As long as one design element is kept (e.g. the cargo pockets), the source of inspiration remains clear.

3.       CROCHET


Crochet is not always in fashion, though the technique can yield completely different fabrics and textures. Because it is creating ajourés (i.e. the skin is visible in between the nods), it can be worn over an outfit, almost like an accessory.



Lace is being used in panels, in patchwork fabrics or as an extra ribbon/train/bow. It makes outfits softer, it is a bit see-through, it adds a romantic note to your outfit. When shopping, and even though most commercial lace is machine-made instead of hand-made, do pay attention to the difference between good-quality lace and cheap-quality lace: the knitted net on which the embroideries are attached should be tight and stable. Otherwise the lace fabric can very quickly loose its shape when you wear it. And the smaller the details, the more thread went into creating the embroideries: it is a sign of better quality.



I mentioned this one in my review of “Pinterest trends 2019”, a few weeks ago. Think 1990’s jeans, so bleached that the blue tends towards white. Note that the more bleach you apply onto the fabric, the more damaged its fibres are… and your jeans will have holes sooner.



This trend is also related to the 1990’s, which are currently being celebrated with a revival. Social media celebrities like Kim Kardashian & Bella Hadid have largely contributed to bringing the biker shorts back from the archive. Though this time around, the garment is often paired with an oversize blazer that covers the back and the crotch.

Which trend or which outfit is your favorite?




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