FASHION TRENDS Fall / Winter 2020-2021

FASHION TRENDS Fall / Winter 2020-2021

It's that time of the year again!
I looked at what the runways presented for the season & identified what I believe to be the key trends coming up. Good news: they are wearable and surprisingly relevant right now... given that these creations were shown in January/February i.e. before covid. 


Fashion trend: historical collars and necklines
The reference for a mix of puffy sleeves and corsetry is McQueen. Fendi rejuvenate the ruff collar (col "Fraise" in French) and Elie Saab took inspiration from the 3 musketeers.  

Fashion trend: historical collars and necklines but wearable
More wearable options building up on the same trend: a virginal maxi-length "night gown", a ruffled poplin blouse paired with 21st century accessories or a coat where the shoulder seams are gathered to create volume. 

Looking towards the past seems reassuring and we tend to idealize what no longer is. Hence the longing for times that feel less turbulent than the present times...


Fashion trend: natural colors and tone-on-tone earthy patterns
Hermès are the masters of earthy color palettes. Look towards Chloé, Longchamp or Dior to see how to integrate earthy tones through pattern. Tod's often use solid, muted colors that work harmoniously together. 

When looking for stability and reassurance, there are 2 main directions we can take: either we look towards the past (see trend n°1) or we go back to nature. So this trend is in fact not contradicting the previous one, both make sense together.


Fashion trend: pragmatic, functional, weatherproof
This is more than taking a cargo pocket and applying it onto a high-fashion garment. It is really about creating clothes that are durable, sustainable (Stella McCartney) & can multitask (Bottega Veneta). It involves technical fabrics being used in ready-to-wear. Even Chanel is venturing into the territory of Jil Sander with this minimal white blouse far away from traditional (colorful) Chanel tweeds. 

Fashion trend: functional accessories
A collar that doubles as an airplane pillow, a handbag that has the shape of your Bluetooth speaker, outerwear that can go from the ski slopes to the office: accessories are the category benefiting most from a more pragmatic / practical design approach. 


Fashion trend: lougewear inspired Bohemian maxi-dresses
These dresses (presented in January/February) are surprisingly adapted to the work-from-home lifestyle: they are remarkably comfortable and yet they look fantastic in a visio-conference... Dresses are midi or maxi-length and can work well for any body type, height and taste. 

Overall we are seeing more dresses/skirts and less pants. When pants are part of an outfit, they are wide or oversize: is this the end of skinny pants? 
Patterns are less present this year, to the benefit of plain hues and interesting textures. The knitwear category is particularly innovative - which I think is wonderful. 




  • Michael Gillespe

    It is awesome blog post. All designs are really awesome and appreciable. Happy Christmas .

  • Libia Duran

    Dear Justine,
    I have loved everyone of the videos you have created. I believe that I have learned more about class and style from you than I have from many of my studies. Thank you for all the effort you put into making high quality products both physically and in content. You are timeless!


  • Desire’e

    Hello Justine,

    I know this will most likely come out weird, maybe even bizarre really, but I was hoping if you could tell me about your country France.
    I’ve done research on my biological father and learned part of his family came from France and have been wanting to ask you about your hometown for sometime to get an idea of what it is like.
    Please know if you don’t feel uncomfortable with this there is no hard feelings. I enjoy your YouTube and your personality.

    Thank you,

    Thank you,

  • Chrystel

    Merci Justine pour ce résumé des tendances. J’adore votre manière de procéder et votre vision de la mode.
    Depuis Madrid, je vous souhaite un bel automne!

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