My Skincare Routine for Winter Mornings

My Skincare Routine for Winter Mornings

Taking care of the skin is essential, and I get questions about my skincare routine a lot under my videos, so I wanted to show you how I nourish my skin – not only my face but also my body!

This process is very dependent on the seasons, on what my skin needs in that moment, on how tired I am (or look), and on the products I might be testing. Today I’m letting you peek into my morning routine for the winter, and I will tell you my secrets.

I start my routine right when I get up by applying an ice pad onto my eye area to wake up. Be careful not to apply it directly to your skin when it was in the freezer! Use a cloth in between so the skin around your eyes does not suffer, and then apply an eye cream (ophtalmologically tested, I prefer pharmacy products). 

Then, I use a good serum on my face. When applying a product, remember that the skin of your neck and chest is very similar to your face’s, so don't forget to extend the application there.

I layer a lot of serums and creams to prepare my skin for the day – it is the best way to make sure that you are hydrating and locking that moisture! That is also why I take a break to have breakfast and a big bowl of black tea, so the products have the time to properly sink in.

After breakfast, it is time to get ready for the day, and that starts by applying my day cream. Sun protection should be a key factor in your daytime routine, just keep in mind that depending on where you live in the world, the standard will be different, e.g. in Germany I can wear SPF 15 whereas in Southern Europe I would have to wear SPF 30. Also, sun products in the US or in Australia can have an SPF of 100 and protect less than a European SPF30, so be careful!

Since Covid started and seeing that I mostly work from home, an SPF is not necessary, so I use a different cream which is also a great makeup base. Sometimes after this step I add a BB cream, but only when my skin is particularly tired, so it looks more even. Concealer is a constant, though! My blue undereye circles are always there...


Whether I will wear make-up on a given day or not, I will always do my eyebrows and apply lip balm! My lips are always dry, so I have a lip balm in every purse and every coat, and I try to use SPF lip care for summer.

The skin is the largest organ in our bodies, so it is important to take care of it in its entirety! I use different oils to moisturize my body, and even some self-tan to get some color and warmth to it. Hand creams are a favorite of mine as well, the skin there is very sensible and we need to remember to put a little extra work.

These are the skincare products I use (with an affiliate link when I found one):


You can watch my full skincare routine in this video! 

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