Hi, I'm Justine!

My story

I am a French fashion & jewelry designer. After a first career in business, I went back to school and trained as a womenswear & accessories designer at PARSONS The New School for Design in New York. My vision always was to start my womenswear label and I chose Berlin, Germany as the place to do so. In 2017, I also launched my first jewelry collection.

My personal ethics pushed me to focus on aspects I saw were missing in the existing fashion industry. I aim to consistently offer a high level of quality and great fit. I ensure my clothes are made in Europe by garment workers paid a proper wage. I want my designs to work for all body types and to integrate into your existing wardrobe. And I want them to be available to purchase as soon as you see them – why wait a year before being able to wear what the runways are showing?

I do not follow the traditional fashion week calendar which fosters consumption & short-lived trends. Instead, I do “projects”. Projects are born from a creative idea and a message that needs to be expressed. This gives me the creative freedom to bring out new projects… when they are ready.

Seeing people’s growing interest in learning more about quality, avoiding fast fashion & shopping more consciously, in 2016 I started a YouTube channel where I share my knowledge & tips, to empower you and help make the fashion industry a better place.

From business to design

From NYC to Berlin

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My creative process

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