What's my Justine Leconte size?

Justine Leconte uses 4 sizes which are close to the European sizes (that you can find on the labels on the clothes you already own, next to your country's size). 
The difference between each size is 4 centimeters (around your bust & around your hips), which is the standard used by many companies when creating their sizes. Exception: size L is slightly larger.

At the bottom of the table, you can see the measurement of the "Justine Leconte woman". Be aware that Project #1, currently available in the shop, is meant to be comfortable and flowy, not skin-tight. If you are still not sure which size to pick, get in touch and we will help you take your measurements. Better be safe than sorry. You probably hate to have to return clothes as much as we do...

Justine Leconte_measurement table_sizes