My 8 tips for a stylish wardrobe (in every season!)

If you sometimes stand in front of your wardrobe, thinking “Did I really buy this?” or “I worn this garment maybe twice, not good...”, then I recommend you focus on these 8 wardrobe tips.
They work in every season and for every style (once you’ve adapted them to your own culture and climate – I live in Western Europe, and maybe you’re living somewhere else entirely!)


Focus on high quality basics


Basics may not sound glamorous, but they’re the core of a versatile wardrobe. Think of that perfect white t-shirt or those impeccably fitting jeans, from that brand you know and which flatter your curves impeccably.

If you already know that these shapes work perfectly for you, invest in quality. Consider getting them in multiple colors before they are discontinued by the brand (or worse: before the pattern and the fabric get “updated” to optimize the brand’s production costs and then it isn’t the same anymore...).

For example, my own line features a Tencel V-neck top that’s soft, tightly knitted, silky, and available in four colors - ideal as an (elevated) basic.


Timeless over trendy


Trendy pieces can be tempting, but will you love that hot pink suit in five years? Rhetorical question.
It’s easy to ask yourself a couple of questions before purchasing a garment you feel tempted by:
  • Would I have worn this five years ago?
  • Will I still wear this in 5 years? (in terms of style but also in terms of materials and quality of the construction)
If the answer to these questions is no, it’s likely a trendy item... which will likely go out of fashion at some point.
Aim for items that you can wear on multiple occasions and that suit your long-term personal style.

    Free PDF guide to get timeless style in 7 steps

    Elevate your core look with colour accents


    I like to refer to my “basic”, trusted kind of look as my “uniform”. It’s an outfit I can always go to if I want something simple, quick and which I’ll know I’ll feel good in, on most occasions.
    However wearing the same black pants + style of top can indeed get boring, so I style my “uniform” up with accessories... and that’s where I go all out. I’ve got red ballerinas, a neon scarf that flatters my tan, bold colorful jewelry, etc.
    Accessories are great to add colour and switch things up in your core outfits. People won’t notice that you’re wearing your favorite black pants yet again!


    Play with textures


    A stylish wardrobe isn’t just about colours; it’s about textures too. Mix different weaves, knits, and materials to add depth to your outfits. Even a monochromatic look can stand out if you have the right mix of textures, making you look sophisticated and chic.


    Mix and match different styles 


    If you are under the impression that your wardrobe is too expected or predictable, I recommend you mix styles from different decades or pair contrasting elements like e.g. romantic and goth, or a 50s hair ribbon with a 90s minimalist Calvin Klein dress.
    People around you will notice your unique flair and appreciate the creativity behind your choices, without being able to exactly pinpoint which inspirations you’re mixing.
    And so they’ll conclude: “Oh, she really has unique style”.


     Layering and proportions


    Layering isn’t just for fashion week! Adding an extra layer or playing with proportions (like pairing wide-leg trousers with a fitted top) can elevate your outfit. It’s a simple way to add complexity and curation to your look.


    The importance of proper fit


    A garment can look amazing on the rack but awful if it doesn’t fit right. Tailoring makes a difference. I’d say a massive difference, which people often underestimate, without costing the world. Whether it’s hemming your pants or adjusting a jacket’s waist, these small tweaks ensure your clothes fit you perfectly, making you look polished and put-together. Use the services of a tailor shop near you, you might find that the cost is more affordable than you expected.


    Clothing care isn't optional 


    Proper care extends the life of your clothes. So it always makes sense, if only for cost-saving reasons.
    Here are a few tips:
    - Use the right detergents: if your usual laundry detergent contains bleach, do not use it on colour clothes and black clothes as it will bleach colours and damage fibres too!
    - Avoid hanging heavy knits for them to dry: your heavy knit garments should dry flat so they don’t loose their shapes.
    - Remove pilling delicately on your sweater: do not ever cut a thread for your sweater will unravel and have a hole. You should only “shave” off the pilling.


    Since I’m touching upon the laundry care topic (which is in fact one of my favorites!): if you’d like more guidance about garment care, head to this blog post.