Capsule wardrobe

This video series explains how to start a capsule wardrobe, how to make it match your body & your lifestyle... and then how to edit it based on each season.

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Body types

How to determine your body type & which kind of clothing suits you. It can be helpful to explore the style of a celebrity who has your body, so we do that too.

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French style

I often get asked about French women's style, in particular Parisian women. In this video series, I share some insight about fashion rules, perfume & make-up habits in France. 

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What is good quality?

How to recognize good (and poor) quality clothes? How to make sure you are getting your money's worth? Here are the tricks I Iearnt in fashion school. 

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Creating a collection

This video series documents the entire creative process, from the concept & the fabric selection up to the production & the launch of a collection. Filmed during the development of Project Racine.

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All my recent videos

All my recent videos, from the newest to the oldest. Once you have finished watching one video, the next one will start automatically. You can also skip some videos on the way.

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My YouTube channel

Click here to access the overview of all my videos since the channel started. 

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