Questions specific to the jewelry

UPDATE: the pre-order phase is over. Jewelry pieces are available while stock lasts.

Watch THIS SHORT VIDEO where Justine shows 2 different ways of measuring your fingers.
Then refer to the SIZE TABLE to find the ring size matching your measurement.

For jewelry plating, in general, brands apply a plating layer of 1 micron. But for our rings, we apply a layer of 3 microns: it is more resistant without loosing any of the detailing that makes a design special.

The entire MIRAGE collection is produced in Germany, with 100% certified recycled silver. Recycled silver has the same quality & characteristics as non-recycled silver - but it is much more environmentally friendly and ethical.
The gold we use (24K only) is recycled too.
A production within the EU also ensures that the people who are making your jewelry are being paid and treated fairly. It means higher production costs on our side, but since we are selling directly to you, without an intermediary or a collaboration partner, we are able to maintain affordable prices.

Take your jewelry off when you shower, when using detergents or any other chemical products. If a silver piece that you haven't worn in a long time starts to turn black (which is absolutely normal), just rub it with a clean cloth to remove the oxydation. You can also use non-bleaching toothpaste and gently brush your jewelry with a toothbrush.
Only use chemical silver-cleaning products if you have tried them before and if you are sure that they won't damage the surface of your piece.

Shipping & delivery

We currently deliver to the following countries:

see shipping info.

Yes. See SHIPPING INFO for the shipping costs to each country.

For each order, you will receive a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number, so that you can check the status of your delivery at any time. 
From our side, we can track the parcels until they leave Germany & are handed over to the carrier in the destination country. Afterwards, parcels need to be tracked via the post services of your country. 
Note: it can take up to 24h for your parcel number to become visible in the tracking system. 

It is your responsibility to make sure that you are at home when the parcel gets delivered, or that you pick it up from the post office if you weren’t at home when the parcel arrived. If you don’t pick up your parcel within the delay during which the post office is holding it for you, the parcel will automatically be sent back to us (in German: “Rückläufer”). The post services charge us 5€ for that service, so we will deduce 5€ from your refund amount and refund the rest. If you still want the item(s), you can place a new order, as long as the item(s) is still in stock.

Sometimes, a delivery can damage our products on the way. Please get in touch with us (info(at) and try to describe the damage as accurately as possible. Please also send pictures where we can see the damage. We will then advise how to proceed.

If you received a tracking number, it can take up to 24 hours for your tracking number to be visible in the carrier's online system. If you think that you waited long enough, your tracking number is still not visible & your order might have gotten lost, get in touch: info(at) and we'll help with the investigation.

Returns and exchanges

Please follow the instructions HERE and send back your item(s) together with the return form and a copy of your invoice.

It takes up to 14 business days (after reception) for us to check that your returned item(s) is in good condition and to process & refund your return. We will refund via the payment method you used when placing your order. If that doesn't work, we will get in touch with you and find an alternative option.

We only accept returns "for a refund", not "for an exchange". So you will need to send back the item(s) following the RETURN INSTRUCTIONS. And then you can place a new order, as long as the item(s) is still in stock.

Should what you received not correspond to what you ordered, please get in touch (info(at) and attach a photo where we can see the item and the barcode on the packaging. We will advise what to do next.

Production & ethics

We source our fabrics (for cut-and-saw pieces) and yarns (for knitted pieces) in Europe. 
We pay attention to the fabrics' technical properties (e.g. color-fastness, pilling level, etc.) which must be disclosed by European mills.
When sewing or knitting the garments, we work exclusively with production partners based in Europe as well. This way we ensure a fair payment of the garment workers, clear communication, short lead times and European safety standards. 
The resulting garments cost more to produce and would cost more in retail if we sold through stores. But since we sell directly (online), we can afford to keep the prices lower, for a level of quality similar to other designer brands that would charge higher prices. 

We use exclusively recycled silver and recycled gold.
The silver is 925 Sterling silver.
If a piece is gold-plated on top of the solid silver, we do it with 24K gold, which is "pure" gold and not vermeil.
The ateliers making the jewelry are based in Germany, which ensures high quality and fair payment for the goldsmiths.

Yes. Absolutely. And not just a few pieces in each batch as other brands do: for the clothes, we check the patterns and all prototypes until production starts - this way we prevent fabric, dyeing or cutting issues. Then after production, we check a big sample - looking for potential sewing mistakes, labeling mistakes, packaging mistakes, etc.
For the jewelry, productions batches are smaller, so we check even more, to make sure that the little details and the precision work that happens manually has the same level of quality throughout production, and for each new production.

The clothes are mostly packed in silk paper only. Sometimes, if logistics or hygiene regulations (e.g. Covid rules in some countries) require it, we will use polybags made of recycled plastic (and they are also fully recyclable).
The jewelry is packed either in a cotton pouch made of fair trade cotton, or in a carboard jewelry box.
For shipping, we use cardboard boxes and avoid using filling material made of plastic: we prefer paper-based filling material.