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I’m Justine.


Why am I here?

First things first: welcome to my corner of the internet! You probably found me on YouTube, googled something about the dangers of fast fashion or you heard about me from a friend who wears my designs.

This website is your resource. It's here to guide you along your ethical fashion journey. I will teach you how to curate your wardrobe so that it matches your values. People often say that the knowledge they gained from me has positively transformed the way they see fashion and shop for clothes.

"People say I will need to "choose between the design career and YouTube, at some point". "I won't, because I enjoy doing both."

- Justine Leconte

Who are you?

I come from the South of France. My first degrees (and working experiences) were about business & marketing. But I love clothes & I don't agree with the low-quality, low-price, low-ethics strategy of many fashion brands. So I went back to university (Parsons, New York) to learn fashion design & "be the change I want to see in the world".

Then I started my own fashion brand in Berlin, Germany. After that, I set out to make fashion more accessible, transparent and inclusive by creating videos on YouTube: we'll soon cross 1 Mio. subscribers. In my next life, I'd love to teach. Or become a philosopher. We'll see.

I want my wardrobe to fit my style & to be timeless, where should I start?

Excellent question, I'm glad you're here. This resource will help you:

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Are you a YouTuber who is now selling clothes too?

I see why you're asking this. Most influencers claim to have "designed" their "own collection" when actually, there is a brand doing the work behind-the-scene and sponsoring them. In my case, it's the other way around. I studied fashion design & I my first collections were launched with a team of 1 (me). I had my Parsons fashion design degree and also started my brand *before* becoming a YouTuber.

Edit: YouTube has recently elected me a "Top Creator" for fashion. People say I will need to "choose between the design career and YouTube, at some point". I won't, because I enjoy doing both.

Where can I shop your designs?

You're in the right place. Here you'll find all my designs which are currently in stock. Both the clothes & the jewelry are produced fairly, in Europe, with high-quality materials and proper pattern fitting (the way brands off-shoring to cheap-labor countries don't care to do anymore).

I design in "projects" rather than doing a collection per season. We don't overproduce so some designs might be sell out quite soon after a project launch. The best way to be informed *first* when a new project is launched is to register for my newsletter. It's free.

What do you find so shocking about the fashion industry?

Many brands produce in cheap-labor countries where the workers' rights and safety are not ensured, just for the sake of profit. And to make sure you don't notice, they greenwash using dishonest claims and grass-green backgrounds in their photos. How to reconize and avoid greenwashing? I explain it in this video. The worst fast fashion brand of all is probably SheIn. H&M, Primark and Zara, among others, are full of red flags too.

Where can I learn more & keep up?

If you'd like some guidance and advice about finding your style, how to curate your wardrobe or how to shop more sustainably, you can browse my free resources.

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"Justine plays an active role in fixing a "broken" industry in need of new and better models"

- The Economist

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The official bio

Justine Leconte is a French business graduate & marketing professional turned fashion designer.

She launched her eponymous brand in 2015 and established the entire sourcing & production process within Europe, with high quality fabrics and great fit. Her debut collection sold out.

Upon noticing a hunger for more transparency and guidance among her customers, she started a YouTube channel. It's dedicated to giving women the knowledge and tools to create and curate their wardrobes in a sustainable way. This project has grown into a community of over 1 Mio. people across social media.

Today, Justine stills works as the creative director of her brand while publishing YouTube videos, taking up speaking engagements & following further entrepreneurial projects.


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