My story

And why I'm like this

From business to design

There was a life before design. I was born and raised in France, partly in the Caribbean region, partly in the Alps, mostly close to the Mediterranean sea. Initially I studied international business management, which made me discover other continents, ways of life & aesthetics. After completing my Master degrees and working in marketing for a few years, I felt I needed to “get closer to the product”. I wanted to create the product, not just market it. But which product?

The answer to that question was simple because I have always loved fashion – for the way it protects us (both literally and figuratively) & because of the way it influences how other people perceive us. I love the research and the observation that lead to designing something that really solves a problem. For me, design is really art applied to a concrete question.

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From New York to Berlin

So I went back to school and graduated from Parsons The New School for Design, in New York. I majored in womenswear fashion & accessory design. That is when I discovered the universe of knitwear design. It is also the time when the Rana Plaza accident in Bangladesh changed my vision of the industry forever: how could we possibly keep doing business as usual after seeing and knowing what goes on behind the scene?

After moving back to Europe, I started my label in Berlin, Germany. I wanted to offer an alternative to fast fashion and mass-produced jewelry. Berlin is hard to define: it is a city still looking for its identity – hence everyone fits in. It is liberating and inspiring at the same time. Berlin is also a city where values matter. My values guide every business decision I make so it felt right to do it here.