The production process in 10 steps

How our clothes are made

Steps 1-3: the creative part

Step 1: concept, visual research, moodboard
Step 2: sketching shapes and proportions
Step 3: finding the right fabrics & notions for my concept

This is the creative part of the process: the vision becomes concrete. It is all done in my atelier in Berlin. Fabrics are sourced from suppliers based in Europe.

Steps 4-6: the business part

Step 4: looking for sewing and knitting partners able to execute the designs
Step 5: prepare technical specifications, patterns & first prototypes (or more if needed)
Step 6: order fabric samples, estimate quantities, calculate costs & retail prices for the collection

This is the business part of the process: the designs become reality. My production partners are based in Europe. It limits transport & reduce lead times while ensuring fair working conditions.

Steps 7-10: the execution

Step 7: prepare the production patterns & order production samples
Step 8: check samples, order fabrics & notions and start production
Step 9: photoshoot, prepare lookbooks and website for launch
Step 10: launch!

This is the stressful part of the process: getting the collection to the finish line. Waiting for the fabrics and executing the production are the longest part of the process.

Where do we get the fabrics & yarns?