Project Jardin Francais

Inspired by French-style gardens

Matching your skin

The "Jardin Francais" collection is a group of 8 jewellery designs: rings, necklaces, earrings and earcuff.
Each one is available in solid silver, silver + gold plating & silver + rose gold plating.
This way you can find the right metal finishing for your undertone. 

The inspiration

The starting point for this collection was the biography of Le Notre, a garden architect at Versailles, in the time of King Louis XIV. The way he envisioned space and geometry to create his gardens is fascinating to me. If you look at a French-style garden from above, you’ll see graphic, regular shapes where rounded surfaces and sharp edges meet harmoniously. By adding texture to those shapes, I played along the limit between hard jewelry materials and the softer feeling of fabric.

This collection ended on December 31st, 2021.

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The latest jewelry collection is called "Mirage". You can see the designs below.