Top fashion trends for Fall-Winter 2023-2024


Each season, I curate the most significant trends from runway shows around the world and present them in a way that's wearable in real life. My Fall/Winter trend boards typically include shapes, materials, textures, proportions and colors. This season, I'm looking forward to the quiet luxury trend, delicate pleats that highlight the silhouette, the return of the "cache-poussière" coat, 50s-inspired waistlines, XXL plaids and clutches to carry. 


Quiet Luxury


The quiet luxury trend is all about understated elegance:

  • Emphasizes comfortable yet elegant designs with luxurious materials.
  • Neutral and muted colors dominate, offering a timeless aesthetic.
  • Features below-the-knee or full-length hemlines for a modest look.

This is a great trend if you're aiming for a "timeless-not-trendy wardrobe". 


Delicate Pleats



Pleats are back and more customizable than ever before:

  • Pleats are used to highlight and the silhouette and create beautiful drapery.
  • Designers employ various pleating techniques to create different effects.
  • On the runway, pleats appear mainly on skirts and dresses but they can be experimented with on other clothing items too: for instance you could try it on lightweight palazzo trousers or a knitted top that you already own! 

I feel like it's an easy trend to experiment with...





The cache-poussière trend is all about those long cowboy coats that you've seen in "Once upon a time in the West":

  • Long, A-shaped functional coats with a touch of military style.
  • Elongating the silhouette, making us feel protected. 
  • Different designers offer variations from rugged to more dressy options.

In a nutshell, cosy and warm winter outerwear is back: functional pieces like this aren't in fashion every winter, on the runways!



50's Inspired Waist


For the next trend, we're switching universes and looking into 50s style:

  • A resurgence of 1950s-inspired silhouettes, reminiscent of Dior's New Look (first presented in 1947).
  • Emphasis on a narrow waist, peplum shapes for the hips, and full skirts.
  • Designs that evoke a more gendered era in fashion.

This trend is both rooted in fashion history and very current, as the representation of the "ideal body" is slowly shifting towards curvier proportions.  


XXL Plaid


Plaids are back and bigger than ever before:

  • Plaids return in various forms, making bold statements.
  • Mix of plaid patterns and colors to create cohesive looks.
  • More advanced option involve mixing plaid fabrics with other patterns like stripes or fishbone jacquards.

The best part about plaids is that by definition, a plaid pattern has a main color and accent colors, so they're great to pair with other garments in any of these colors.


Clutches to Carry


The next trend is all about clutches:

  • Clutches are gaining importance in our wardrobes.
  • It can either match (for a classic, timeless look) or contrast with our outfits (for a more modern, contemporary look).

Clutches are now a major accessory, and it's a trend I'm very happy about because it fits a project that I'm working on...!


If you're curious to try any of these trends, they're all available in stores this season. But remember that trends are suggestions, never a must, so feel free to only keep the trends or the ideas that suit your style. 

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