You love fashion trends & seasonal inspiration?

Trends are always polarizing. There are the people who say they “don’t follow trends at all” & people who swear by the latest VOGUE recommendation about how many inches the ruching on an empire neckline should have.

I’m guessing you’re in between these 2 examples, which is a healthy place to be. Trends are a source of inspiration, or propositions which you can consciously choose to integrate to your existing wardrobe because they fit into your aesthetics.

Where to look for trends?

It’s with that in mind that I create my trend videos on YouTube. Every year I dedicate one to the latest Pinterest trends - Pinterest is where I often find early ideas, which will cascade down into runway collections & the high street a few months later. Other good sources for trends are presented in this video. You’ll also need to know how to recognize a trend when you see one.

My bi-yearly curated trend boards

As a designer, it’s my job to monitor and understand trends. Once I’ve done the work each season, I might as well share the result with you: every year, I prepare a YouTube video about the latest fashion trends (this one right here).

Looking for fashion inspiration - outside of the fashion industry per se

You’ll agree with me on this: to be inspired and get new fashion ideas, it’s helpful to also look beyond fashion. Reality TV isn’t my thing but I will certainly comment on Netflix series when they take place in MY country and promote stereotypes about MY culture… I’m thinking of “Emily in Paris”. That video got over 900,000 views and when season 3 came out, I even did a full style-evolution-review of said Emily, from season 1 to 3. And while TV series are of course just fictional, real-life events are just as entertaining when you look at them with a fashion eye: remember that time when Kim Kardashian wore Marilyn Monroe’s dress and the internet was in shock?

More inspiration?

If you visit my YouTube channel, you’ll find further topics “around fashion” which I think you’ll enjoy, since you’re interested in trends and aesthetical things: for instance a few videos about handbags (make sure you know how to spot a counterfeit bag!), or a few videos about fragrances (guess what are the 8 most iconic women perfumes of all times?).

The list could go on, but I believe you already have a nice queue to watch tonight!

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