The making of the MIRAGE sustainable jewelry collection

The MIRAGE collection was born in a period filled with uncertainty: I wanted to create something beautiful and captivating out of a feeling that was recurrent during the pandemic. Just like the illusion of a mirage on a hot day, this collection captures the feeling of floating and being unsure of what lies ahead. 

The concept for a timeless, sustainable jewelry line

The recurring shape in Mirage is the circle, but not the perfect, smooth circle you might expect. Just like the circles formed when a stone is dropped into water, these circles are oval, irregular, and textured. Each piece is hand-polished, resulting in a unique texture that breaks away from standardized molds.

The collection consists of seven designs, each available in solid silver, silver with gold plating, and silver with rose gold plating. The choice of metal depends on your skin undertone—silver for cool undertones, gold for warm undertones, and rose gold for neutral undertones. But don't be afraid to mix and match metals! Pairing silver with rose gold or gold creates a beautiful contrast.

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Each design in the MIRAGE collection 

Let’s look into the final designs. First, we have the Perfect Circle earrings — a hoop that gives the illusion of a line when seen from the front. You can choose to wear it with the open end turned until it meets the vertical bar or insert it from the back, with the vertical bar behind your ear. It's like getting two earrings in one!

Next, we have the statement stud — a shiny, attention-grabbing earring with a rounded, asymmetrical shape. It's perfect for adding a touch of glamour to your earlobes without being too overwhelming.

The faceted ring is another standout piece in the collection. It's large yet incredibly lightweight, featuring an irregular, faceted texture. You can wear it with the opening at the bottom for a geometric look or turn it around to show the opening on top of your finger. Stack 2 of these rings for a bolder statement.

The Ricochet statement ring is the one I’ve been wearing everyday, it expresses the concept of resilience this collection is based on. It is molded in 1 piece, which is technically challenging, but this way the ring has absolutely no seam — which is exactly the result I was looking for.

For those who love cuff earrings, the ear cuff in MIRAGE is a must-have. With its faceted design, it creates the illusion of a cuff and a piercing, all in one piece. The piece shown in the launch video was a prototype, but rest assured, we've made it a bit bigger so that the fit is comfortable for all ear sizes/shapes.

The delicate, dainty ring in the collection features an uneven and faceted surface, similar to the earrings. It's perfect for pairing with the other pieces or wearing as a knuckle ring. Mix and match sizes to create your own unique combination: this ring also exists as a set of 3 different sizes, to wear on different knuckles of both hands.



Lastly, we have the necklace—an artistic twist on the perfect circle. Each link is hand-polished and twisted, creating a visually stunning piece. The toggle closure adds a touch of elegance, especially when you wear your hair up.

NOTE: this necklace was a limited edition piece and sold out quickly. It will not be produced again.

This jewery is sustainable sourced & ethically produced

When it comes to materials, we prioritize quality and sustainability. The silver used in MIRAGE is 100% certified recycled 925 sterling silver— 925 is the highest-quality blend available. For gold plating, we use 24 karat gold, giving it a more intense and deep yellow color than what you’d usually find on the market.

To ensure ethical production, everything is made in Europe, specifically in the South of Germany where there is incredible expertise in gold and silversmithery. By manufacturing locally, we guarantee fair treatment for workers and maintain the highest standards of quality.

I believe that high-quality sustainable jewelry should be accessible to everyone. That's why I've priced the MIRAGE collection affordably. There are no intermediaries—everything comes directly from me to you, via my own website.

The collection is available only on WWW.JUSTINELECONTE.COM.

Given that this collection has a sustainable focus, inventory is also limited, and once it's gone, it's gone. We do limited production runs to avoid over-production.

So if you you’re seeing something sold out in the shop, register for my newsletter and you’ll be informed when it’s re-stocked - as well as when new projects are launched: