You want to find your own style & learn to dress for your body type?

This is how most people find my channel on YouTube: they know how to dress but they're wondering why some shapes/proportions don’t suit them, and they have reached a point in their lives where they want their wardrobes to really reflect who their are and feel personal.

Determine and understand your body type

In this situation, I would advise to start with understanding which body type you have. This video will help you take your measurement and determine your type. And then see which clothes and shapes (generally) will suit you - pick the video which matches your type:

Collect inspiration from celebrity stylists

If you want even more ideas of what you could wear, find a celebrity who has the same body type as you, and google them to see what they wear (off the red carpet, in their daily lives). Most of them have stylists aka. professionals who know exactly what to have them wear so that they look their best.

Dive into the garments that are “difficult to fit right”

Once you’ve got the hang of it, you can tackle the garments that are often challenging in terms of fit: finding the right skirt length, the perfect jeans, the most flattering swimsuit or a shirt that actually fits you - focusing on these key wardrobe items will take you from “this woman knows what suits her in general” to “wow, her wardrobe is sharp and fits impeccably”.

Remember that fashion changes, and that’s good

Keep one thing in mind though: this advice needs to be tailored to your own taste and aesthetics. They’re tools, not rules set in stone. Your own style should guide your fashion decisions. From a fashion history perspective, fashion is always relative: trends come and go, even the “ideal figure” changes every decade or two. This is extremely noticeable when looking at vintage dress forms and archive garments: the ideal woman body has changed a lot through history. I can give you general style tips, which I think make an outfit interesting & work for any body type and style. I can give you some tricks to optically hide a tummy through picking your garments strategically. But at the end of the day, your wardrobe is yours to curate in this season of your life - isn't it comforting to know that fashion isn’t definitive or absolute?

For me, fashion should be fun, it is for everyone. It shouldn’t be exclusive or feel out of reach because we all need clothes. We might as well have fun with them.

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