You need help curating your wardrobe & want it to be ethical too?

Major fashion brands have massive advertising budgets and now launch collections 8 times per year. So if you feel like you own too many clothes but your wardrobe is missing some structure or some sartorial direction, you’re not alone.

And if you wish that your wardrobe would better match your own ethics too, well, you’re not alone.

Get more wear out of the pieces you already own

The first step: learn to combine and re-wear what you already own, for instance by creating original outfits based on your basics. There are also a few dressing “rules” which are true for every style and every season - they’re a good starting point, but you’re welcome to break these rules if you wish!

Plan your wardrobe so you’ll know which items you need

Then if you think that you’re missing some core pieces, I made a video about 10 wardrobe essentials for French style - do the same exercise for your own country or region! Identify the core pieces & then pick the ones you personally like.

For each season, you can plan your wardrobe with the help of my checklist - it also includes the answers to the most frequent wardrobe questions I get from my YouTube subscribers.

Where & how to shop for good quality clothes

Once you have your wardrobe plan, you’ll probably realize that you have too much of some items / colors / materials and that other items are… missing. Here are some places where you can find good quality brands online (at many different price points) and here is some insight on how to recognize good quality garments. What I would always stay away from is fast fashion: these too-cheap clothes have poor quality, they’re made in unethical working conditions & are not a good basis to build your wardrobe on because they don’t last.

Taking care of your clothes so they’ll last

Since we’re talking about clothes that last: good quality clothes will last if you take good care of them. This includes knowing how to read the washing instructions on your clothes’ care labels - it sounds trivial but I bet you don’t know EVERY laundry symbol!

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